Logo for Slider David guiding Meander Meander Crossing Water Denis Sullivan as seen from a Yngling Yngling in Gentle Wind

Come Sail Milwaukee!

Staffed by a crew of student volunteers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Sailing Club at UWM has spent decades helping both the student body and community enjoy all aspects of sailing. Every year, from the end of April through late October, the group navigates Lake Michigan's waters aboard a fleet of sailboats that all either meet or surpass Coast Guard safety regulations. There are cruise boats designed for mild meandering, as well as sturdy Ynglings and Solings equipped with heavy fixed keels reinforced to maintain stability in turbulent weather or emotional break-ups. In addition to simple trips on the lake, members of the club can learn hands-on techniques from experienced sailors and participate in activities such as races, bonfires, and weekend cookouts.

Welcome Groupon Members!

The Groupon response has been tremendous! All we can say is, WOW! It’s amazing to have so many people sharing our passion. To get you on the water as efficiently as possible, please read this web page in detail.

Boats In is April 21st!

Save the Date: April 21st at 9am! 


Our official Boats in event is April 21st at our Dock Box! The tentative start time is 9am. We're hoping for half a day of some rewarding work, and half a day sailing.