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Come Sail Milwaukee!

Staffed by a crew of student volunteers from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, the Sailing Club at UWM has spent decades helping both the student body and community enjoy all aspects of sailing. Every year, from the end of April through late October, the group navigates Lake Michigan's waters aboard a fleet of sailboats that all either meet or surpass Coast Guard safety regulations. There are cruise boats designed for mild meandering, as well as sturdy Ynglings and Solings equipped with heavy fixed keels reinforced to maintain stability in turbulent weather or emotional break-ups. In addition to simple trips on the lake, members of the club can learn hands-on techniques from experienced sailors and participate in activities such as races, bonfires, and weekend cookouts.

Boats In is April 21st!

Save the Date: April 26th at 10:30am! 


We will be meeting at 10:30am at Milwaukee Yacht Club to launch boats for our 2014 Season.  Join us for a chance to participate in the Sailing Club and to learn a lot of great things related to sailing.  We encourage members of all types to come down.  We will have donuts and coffee.  We look forward to seeing you there!  Call or text 608.469.1221 if you have any questions about the event or just need directions.

Join the Sailing Club at UWM

The Sailing Club at UWM is over 50 years old and have taught over 10,000 people to sail. No matter how much experience you have, there is a place for you with us. If you are just starting out, we can provide the basics and get you on the water to begin learning the art of sailing. If you are more experienced, we offer a flexible schedule and an ability to become rated to taking a boat out with another sailor. Great opportunities for all who are interested. Contact info@scuwm.org and get more info on how to join or to inquire further! We look forward to hearing from you.