Boats In:

Boats-In, our first opportunity to have our sail boats in the water, is coming up on Saturday, June 4th, 9am-12pm at Milwaukee Yacht Cub (MYC), 1700 Lincoln Memorial Drive, across from Colectivo Coffee.

Join us for the fun and camaraderie of craning the boats into Lake Michigan, raising the mast, rigging them and taking them out for a sail.  Even if you can only stop by for an hour, it will be an hour well-appreciated by your fellow members.  Wear your work clothes/gloves, sunscreen and sunglasses.  Bring a jacket and hat for cool winds off the lake (60F).  We will be using MYC’s comfortable clubhouse and restrooms.  Meet us at the cranes near the water.  This is a good opportunity to meet fellow sailors, learn about sail lessons and build our sailing club.

Boats-In Preparation is an integral part of this event. There are a number of activities that need to be completed before boats can be put in the water. This is an important way to help out, especially if you cannot make the Boats In event.