Getting Boats Ready to Sail

Ahoy, Sailors.  Summer is quickly approaching.   Time to get our boats ready to sail.  We are an all-volunteer club.  We need your time and energy to get our boats ready for Boats In.  

We’d like to put two boats in the water this year.  But we need your help.  To start with we need to take off their covers and pack the covers in crates, then scrape and paint the boat bottoms.  Boats are currently stored at Horny Goat Marina, 1933 S. 1st St.  If you need a ride there, let me know and I will pick you up.

In addition, volunteer Steve Fieder will be replacing Revelation’s trailer jack with a new jack, and making repairs to the masts of Revelation and Dana.  Assistance would be needed there as well.

To organize a work crew, please let me know what days and hours you are available in the upcoming days and weeks.  The sooner we get the boats ready, the sooner they go in the water and the sooner we can all sail.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Dianne Dagelen, Instruction Chair

Sailing Club at UWM