Instruction Program Basics

  • Rigging Class Get an introduction on the parts of the boat and how to raise and work the sails. Also, get a brief introduction into howq the club works and how to arrange for on the water instruction.
    Now you are ready to get on the water.
  • 5 On the water Lessons (Set up with instructor after rigging class)
    The on-water lessons are 2 hours, with two students and a qualified Instructor on-board. The students take turns at the helm and as crew. You will also learn that becoming a good Skipper entails first becoming a good crew member.In an approximate sequence, you will learn how to:
    Steer the boat with confidence
    Come-about (turn the boat when heading toward the wind)
    Jibe (turn the boat when heading away from the wind and then make full circles)
    Approach and leave docks and moorings under different wind conditions and orientations
    Perform the person-over-board (POB) rescue maneuvers
  •  Unlimited Practice Sails (Set up with instructor)
    Refine your new skills acquired during the lessons by taking as many practice sails as necessary before moving on to the next lesson
  •  Dryland Lessons
    Learn some of the basic theory behind sailing. You can take these any time before the skippers test, some people prefere to take them before going out for their first on the water lesson, other find it easier to follow after some on the water experience. So the timing is up to you.
  •  Skipper’s Test (set up with a qualified skipper)
    Allows you to to sail on your own.