Club Administration

  • Commodore, Vice Commodore: Run as a team. The Commodore overseas the overall operation of the club and represents the club to the outside and presides over sailing club meetings. The Commodore must be a current UWM student. The Vice Commodore assists the commodore in his/her duties and officiates in the Commodores absence.
  • Treasurer: Responsible for the keeping of financial record and issues checks for payroll and other expenses.
  • Secretary: Keeps meeting minutes and conducts general paperwork
  • Instruction Chair: Organizes and oversees the instruction program
  • Fleet Captain: Is in charge of Boat maintenance and repair
  • Membership Chair: recruitment of new members, public relations
  • Volunteer Chair: organizes volunteer work
  • Member-at-Large: organizes social events, liaison between the membership and the executive board.